Saturday, June 6, 2009

To do

With a baby I now know that you can't expect to get anything done during the day unless you are completely organized. I get 15-45 minutes at a time to do anything and I don't want to spend that time thinking about what I should be doing. (Another tip: multitasking! I'm actually typing this one-handed while feeding him.)

This list will be updated with new projects and, hopefully, completed projects will be marked off. I'm going to create a button so I can easily update it once it gets buried in posts.

Here it is in no particular order:

  • make more Built by Wendy tops - I love these! They're a step up from a t-shirt but just as comfortable. I'd also like to try some other BBW patterns that I have.
  • make a checkbook cover, small purse and wallet
  • finish pink and green nine-patch quilt (possibly adding sashing)
  • finish Dear Jane quilt (decide when to stop making blocks and start piecing them together. Or do I finish the entire thing?)
  • hexagon quilt
  • remake baby shoes...make them fit this time.


Louise said...

Fun projects, all! I hear you on the 15 minute usable blocks of time. I'll quilt whenever I can.

Kelly said...

Your to do list is as long as mine! I hear you on the small amount of time to get things done, these days I get most of my sewing done when my big girls and husband are home to occupy the baby and 3 year old!