Monday, June 30, 2008

Tag Along

I've been tagged by Four Patch. Good thing too because my mother says she misses my blog. I'm not promising any regular updates now that it's one million degrees outside and five thousand per cent humidity (I just can't wrap my head around quilts and such nowadays) but I'll do my best. I'll start with this tag...

I have been assigned to come up with six interesting things about myself. I don't know how interesting these are but they are on my mind.

  1. My favorite condiment is sour cream.
  2. I don't like green olives.
  3. I wish there was some ice cream in our freezer.
  4. I drink at least 72 ounces of water a day. (If you can't find me, I'm in the bathroom.)
  5. I am craving a black bean burrito right now.
  6. I'm pregnant! (Hence the theme of this tag list.)
Because I have been such a bad blogger, I'm not going to tag anyone. It just doesn't seem fair. Thanks Four Patch for the tag!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Maybe it's the warmer weather but I have been very lazy about sewing lately. And I wish I could say that it is because I've been outside enjoying the nice weather but I can't. I did quilt the zig zag quilt this weekend. And I'll be adding the binding this week. (Did you notice I removed the most recent post on that quilt? I had a bad feeling the person it is for might stumble upon this blog. I'll post it again once I give the quilt to them.)

Since I have nothing much to share, I thought I'd share some of what's going on with other peoples blogs:

Draw-string backpack (from Mama Urchin) - Tutorial to make one of those nifty backpacks you see everywhere nowadays.

Patchwork fabric basket tutorial (from ayumills at Pink Penguin)

Melly & Me is having a giveaway this week!

CraftStylish has a tutorial for reverse appliqué featuring a tote bag. Nice idea. And you can now upload your own projects to the CraftStylish site as well.

Posted any good tutorials or projects lately? Or found one on a favorite blog? Leave me a comment with the link so I can check it out.