Sunday, November 30, 2008

Starting Something

I started making a little something for the babies room a couple of weeks ago:

I’m now almost 33 weeks pregnant and have been on bed rest for a couple of weeks now. Nothing is really wrong but I’ve been having abnormal contractions so we’re just trying to keep that baby in there for a few more weeks.

So right when I thought I’d start trying to blog more regularly, I have nothing to talk about. Actually, I can probably speak at length about how there is nothing on television during the day, how it takes about 3 days to smoosh a couch cushion into an uncomfortable patty, and lots more that is totally irrelevant to this blog and just plain boring!

Pregnancy is not what I had expected at all. I believed that once I was pregnant I would go through the next nine months in total bliss. Worries would not worry me; stress would fall by the wayside. How could I be stressed when I was going to become a mom? That I was going to have my own little baby to take care of and love? But that is not what happened at all. I have many more worries now and the stress I feel can be near paralyzing. I’m confident that I am only experiencing the normal raging pregnancy hormones and – someday -- I’ll be fine. But it has been hard getting myself in the mood for hobbies even though they would have probably been therapeutic.

For baby #2, I plan on planning a bit better. Hopefully I can work the due date to be at a less stressful time of year. No major holidays, no bad weather. I’m sure there will still be anxieties but I hope I will be better prepared next time around.

I’m not sure where this blog is going to go. Hopefully it won’t go away. Maybe after all this turmoil, the baby will be good to me and let me enjoy some making time.

And hopefully he will wait in there a little longer. At least long enough for me to finish my little project for him.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Doll Bed Quilt Set

I have made one thing this fall, a baby doll bed quilt set for my niece's birthday. The doll bed is from Ikea and it came with a little mattress, pillow and blanket. But they were, frankly, ugly and not pink. And they needed to be pink.

I made the new mattress out of two layers of quilt batting and some pink ticking fabric. The pillow insert has the same ticking...

The quilt is an around-the-world pattern that you can see better here...

With the holidays here and a baby due in January I'm not sure how much crafting I'll be doing but this is a start, no?