Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crazy Mom Quilts Quilt-A-Long

I have finally got it together regarding the Crazy Mom Quilts Quilt-A-Long. I knew I wanted to do a red and white quilt since my Dear Jane quilt will not be done for a VERY LONG TIME and I need some immediate red-and-white satisfaction.

I had the red and white fabrics but I needed a redandwhite fabric for the blocks with multiple patterns.

And here is block #1...

Oh, and Happy Birthday to ME!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Zig-Zag Quilt Top

The zig-zag quilt top is completed. See how I totally copied the original? I think that is helping the project move design questions, no new math to figure out, nothing. The due date for the finished quilt is on June 10th (baby shower day). So I still have two weekends to sandwich the pieces, quilt it, and bind it. Cinch.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tinker Toy B-9

Still catching up on my Dear Jane blocks. I have a couple that are machine pieced but I have to do the appliqué.

To all you Americans, have a nice long Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Big Zig

I dug this baby quilt since the first time I saw it posted on the Purl Bee blog and I've just been waiting for an excuse to make one. A coworker is having a baby in a couple of months so this will be a gift.

I usually will chose a design and then modify it, not to the point of it being indistinguishable, but just enough to make it harder on myself. For this one I am following the instructions to the letter...even the color palette is the same blue and orange. I recommend this approach. Much less cursing.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sweet Tater Pie B-2

I started this Dear Jane Quilt block a few weeks ago but only just finished it this weekend. It was sitting in my sewing kit with only a quarter of the circle left to appliqué! It was nice to just finish something.

I started a new project this weekend. A baby quilt for a gift. I'm using the Zig Zag Quilt tutorial over at the Purl Bee blog. It's coming together quickly and easily so hopefully I will have the top pieced by next weekend.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Catching up

I'm still trying to catch up at work, with quilt blocks, the laundry... Turns out I missed the best baseball-play of the year as well! Manny Ramirez HIGH-FIVED a fan in mid-double-play.

See the replay here

As of this posting, he's still two home runs shy of the 500 milestone. Hopefully I won't miss his 500th.

(Thanks for the tip, bro.)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I've always felt that if I didn't have anything to share, I just wouldn't post. But for some reason I feel compelled now that I've been away for a week. Like you might be thinking I died or something.

The vacation was very fun and relaxing. There was lots of pool lounging, cocktail sippin', and -- believe it or not -- roller coaster riding at Universal. I only caught parts of Red Sox games and only when they were on ESPN. No sewing was done...I decided against bringing my hexagon project along. I didn't miss it.

Oh! I almost forgot! I decided to go with the lighter sashing on my Dear Jane quilt. Maybe because most of you leaned toward that initially or maybe because that was my Mom's first choice. I think the dark would be too overpowering on such a complex quilt. Every block would become a star and some of them just need to be quiet.

Good to be back! Posting will be light until I get back on track.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Free Tutorials from other Blogs

I thought I'd leave you with a big list of stuff to do while I'm away next week. Sew, Mama, Sew just finished up their tutorial contest -- lots of new ideas going on over there. And here is a list of tutorials from other blogs to keep you busy. Hey, Christmas is coming so start working on those gifts!

Sites with many tutorials:
The Purl Bee (Lots of really excellent tutes. Check out the right column of the blog to find them.)
Wee Wonderfuls (Mostly softies)
Craft Tutorials has a ton of tutorials

Fabric flowers at Wisecraft
Snapped fabric box from My Little Mochi
Ironing board cover at Instructables

Baby stuff:
Chenille bib at happythings
Chenille-backed quilt at happythings
Baby cubes from London Mummy
Cloth shoes at Stardust Shoes

Quilted Lingerie Bag at CraftStylish
Drawstring Bag at happythings
Evening bags at Threads
Lindie Bag at Craft Apple
(Check out this older post for more bag tutorials.)

Elf Clogs at allsorts
Peace Dove ornament at Bella Dia
Wine gift bags at Under A Blue Moon
Corset Ornaments at CraftStylish

Lamb at Pattern Bee
Pears and apple at Lil'd
Toadstool from LucyKate Crafts

To wear:
Hat at Curiously Crafty
The Eddie Cap (for kids) at Mushroom Villagers
Bloomers (for little girls) at Reclaiming the Home
Tiered Skirt at Kuky Ideas
Wide Wrap Belt at CraftStylish
Tie Top Tank from Belle Epoque
Summer Slippers are Lady Harvatine

Have a tutorial that you created? Or know of one you love? Share them in the comments please!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jacket Inspiration

Doesn't look so hot does it? Kinda blah...boring...bland. Well, take a look at the lovely ladies on the cover of this magazine:

Can you believe that all of the outfits in this magazine were made from that cheerless pattern above?? Well, maybe you can. But it amazes me. I have had the pattern traced to make this jacket for months now. I'm going to forgo making a winter version from wool and will make a light weight denim one for spring instead. Hear that, internet? Now I have to do it.

PS: Check out another terrific version of this pattern at Erica B's D.I.Y. Style blog.