Friday, January 4, 2008

My Quilt Design Process 3

Now here's the fun part. I picked out my fabric, washed and ironed it. This is it all layed out on my drafting table:

You can see that the basic three colors of my initial palette are still there but I've added a few more colors: a lighter green, a brown. And the gray is only in the patterned pieces not as a more pronounced solid.

Because I am a web designer by trade I'm very comfortable using PhotoShop. So before I washed the fabric, I took digital pictures of each piece. In PhotoShop I open a new file that is the same proportions as my finished quilt and I use the grid to section off each block. I transfer each fabric swatch onto the layout, shrink it down, and crop it to the size of a full block:

Now I can duplicate the fabric layers and use masks to get the smaller block shapes:

I save the file over again and again with new names as I get new ideas. Or if an idea is just not working but I don't want to completely trash it. Like in these examples I'm questioning my initial inspiration to make every other block different. If I do continue down that path, I need to think more about which patterns are showing up where. Or I'll need to get more patterned fabrics. Or something!

I know that this won't look exactly like the final quilt because I end up making changes as I cut and sew the pieces. But by using this technique I can be confident that I am starting on a good path at least.

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Anonymous said...

I've done something similar in Illustrator with just colors, not the actual fabric images. I like your way better. Maybe I'll try it the next time. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Boyer said...

I totally love these fabrics together! The combo of greens and that little zing of Delish.

Jen said...

Thanks Lisa. Now if I can just figure out a layout! It's been weeks of contemplating and I'm still unsure.

Mette said...

Great idea!