Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quilt Design Process 6 - First Block Completed!

I was able to get to most of what I wanted to do this weekend. (Posting goals on this blog is very helpful in that area...makes me accountable.) I finished two blocks for the Sew, Mama, Sew! Block Along and one block for Sean's (the husband) quilt.

I think it looks smashing. I'm happy with the proportions of the block even though those smaller rectangles (at only one inch wide) are a bit difficult to iron flat once pieced. I realized too that it's a bit like a Courthouse Steps block.

I get bored easily doing assembly-line type work so I thought I would start at the upper left of the quilt, cut up the fabric that's in that block, then sew together that block. And I'll continue like that until all the fabric is cut and just piecing is required to finish. So now all of the brown and orange plaid fabric is cut and ready.

I need to figure out a system for storing the cut pieces. Ziploc bags? Maybe those cheap, reusable plastic food storage containers? Clear envelopes?

Unfortunately, I'm a tad short on fabric for all of the solid colors. Not surprising since I bought the fabric without knowing the final quilt size or pattern! I may just continue with what I have for now. As I lay out the finished blocks, I'll see if I want to just buy what I'm missing or if I could incorporate a new solid color (not likely). I have a feeling I'll end up editing the quilt size as I think the finished size is going to be a bit big.

All part of the process – well, my crazy process anyway.

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Jmom said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see your progress as you do the subsequent blocks. Good job!

bettyninja said...

This does look great! I find blogging helps keep me on track too.

Anonymous said...

The block looks great. You'll get a rhythm going in no time. I get tired of cutting sometimes and just want to see some progress, so I sew some blocks.

Ziploc bags are an essential piece of my organization. I write in magic marker on the outside what I've cut and where it goes. So far, so good.

I love seeing the process. Thanks.

amandajean said...

i love that block!

Jen said...

Thank you everyone! I'm looking forward to doing the next blocks.

Ivyarts: Yes, ziploc will probably be what I use since I have them already. Tons thanks to Costco.