Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Quilt Design Process Part 7 - Moving Along

I finished SIX more blocks on Sean's quilt. Considering up to this weekend I have done only two, this was a big leap forward. Now, full disclosure, four of the blocks used the same fabrics... but still!

I was not crazy about how the green was working in the above blocks. But when I put them next to the other completed blocks, they looked pretty good. (That photo did not come out well at all...I'll try again when I get a sunny day.)

Sean likes maps and globes (nerdy history guy that he is) so when I saw this orange fabric I knew it would be perfect for the quilt. It's thematic but not over the top at all.

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Stacy A. said...

Jen your blocks look great. That orange seems just right. You are one quilting bee! I cant wait to see more of it. Have a great day and thanks for your help on the freezer paper!

Bonny said...

Thanks for visiting The Village Shop! Your blocks look wonderful. Someday I want to do the Dear Jane quilt!

Jackie said...

Nice to see progress. I think they look great. Funny, my husband likes maps and globes too!

Jacquie said...

These are looking great. It's so fun to see it go from your design to the real thing. Love that orange fabric too!