Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bloglines, Part 2

Now that I have discovered Bloglines, I can save all my favorite sewing and craft blogs that interest me and only have to click over to them when there is a new post. Since my last big blog post, I've added lots of new ones:

Betty Ninja
Bling On My Sewing Machine
Cotton Spice Blog
Craft Addictions
Creative Little Daisy
Dacia Ray
Feeling Stitchy
Glitter Goods
Hop Skip Jump
(Inside A Black Apple)
Inspiration Boards
Ivy Arts
le train fantôme
Liquid Paper
Little Red Caboose
Modern June
Modish Guest Blog
Mr. Monkeysuit
Naptime Musings
Not Quite Vintage
Orange Flower
Polka Dot Creations
Scissors Paper Glue
Sublime Stitching
The Domestic Diva
The Long Thread
The Sky Is Pink
Taylor Made Designs

(Go here to see the first list)


I've updated my "Favorite Links" section on the left to be truly my favorites. These are blogs that have maintained my interest for some time and have tutorials, great photography, interesting subjects, or something that keeps me visiting with every new posting.

Photo: picking out fabrics for a patchwork pocket on the Denyse Schmidt apron.


1 comment:

bettyninja said...

Thanks for having me on your bloglines. I didn't even know about bloglines. It is a great way to make sure you see all that is new out there in blog world. Cool!