Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crafty Space, Part 2

The Domestic Diva has an impressive collection of posts about sewing room organization. You're going to need some time to read through it all! Lots of great info, tips and ideas.

Here are her different topics:
Getting Started
Part I - Fabric
Part II - Thread
Part III - Needles and Stabilizers
Part IV - Laces, Trims and Ribbons
Part V - Sewing Library: Patterns, Embroidery Designs, Magazines and Books
Part VI - Notion Commotion

Photo: A corner of my craft room. From left to right, very old thread (too old to use)in a jar, safety pins, and very small button collection [note to self: find more buttons.]



bettyninja said...

I just went and visited all these great links. thanks for sharing. very good ideas to be found over there.

Jacquie said...

Thanks for the invite to join the DS inspired flickr group. I will. Also, a big kudo for the link to the sewing room organization tips...I need this sooo much. Can't wait to do the reading. I'll post some pics to the group when I have a min or two. Thanks again!

Verry Sherry said...

Thanks for visiting my blog--and I'm so glad cause now I see this sewing room org post--very excited to read up on. Thanks!
ps., I get all my buttons from thrift store men's shirts, I strip for scrap quilts. adds up fast.

Jen said...

Sherry...that's a great idea to use thrifted men's shirts for quilts. Already all worn in and soft. Thanks!

And a 'thank you' to everyone who leaves me comments...I love reading them.

Lil D said...

Ah, I only have a set of shelves and a wobbly tray table for a sewing room. It is about the only thing in my house that is organised right now, though (mainly so my husband wouldn't notice that I went a little nutty buying up on-sale fabric...).

Ravenhill said...

What a lovely space you have! Thank you for delurking so I could find your wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for linking my Sewing Room Organization Challenge!

Love your blog!

With friendship,