Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Too Hot to Handle Oven Mitts are now off the list

Yay! I completed a project in 2008! These are the Too Hot to Handle Oven Mitts from the book Denyse Schmidt Quilts which I got for Christmas.

Technique wise, one thing I did differently from the instructions (unfortunately I realized it after quilting the first piece) is to start quilting horizontally first. This keeps the seams all nice and straight. I started quilting from top to bottom as she suggests and my patchwork looked very wonky. Then again, I'm not the best machine quilter.

I also added a binding along the bottoms rather than hemming them. I thought that this would look neater. And I wasn't into the fancy trim on her example.

And just to complicate things, I opted for a more patchwork-y look. I thought this would be a cinch but I I ended up having to make little templates for each piece.

Here is the inside view...I used some pink ticking that I have a ton of and have used in MANY projects (see "The Last Holiday Post, I promise", "Holiday Gifts", and my kitchen curtains which haven't yet made an appearance on this blog). Miss Schmidt recommends canvas for the interior but I didn't have any and when comparing it to my store bought mitts I didn't think I needed it. We'll see once I try to take a roast out of the oven!

Now, can you believe there was NO Flicker group for Denyse Schmidt projects? Well, there was one for a quilt-a-long but nothing for Everything Denyse. So, I started one! You can see the beautiful projects and join the group to add your own as well!

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