Monday, January 14, 2008

Counted Cross Stitch

It must be true that most 'crafters' have a very long wish list of projects and techniques they would like to do or try. My problem is my list is sooooooo long and I feel like I have very, very little to show for it. Especially in comparison to the creative output I see on blogs and Flicker. I need to stop dreaming and get doing!

My latest mini-obsession -but-haven't -done-anything -about-it is with counted cross stitch. I loved working on the cross stitch kits when I was a kid and then again about 10 years ago I attempted a Father Christmas kit...far too cumbersome! That miss-counted cross stitch project is now in a shoe box in the attic.

I've been seeing some very elegant and simple patterns that I'd like to try (ones without cuss words). Maybe a sampler. Maybe even some Sashiko. Maybe some monograms with boarders, matted and framed for Christmas gifts next year...hum...I'll add that to the craft list.

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Lisa Boyer said...

I definitely need one of these.

TAYLOR MADE designs said...

this is pretty cute~