Friday, March 21, 2008

Civil War Diary and Love Letters Quilts

(Just to be clear these are NOT my quilt blocks. They are from a flickr group for the Civil War Diary and Civil War Love Letters quilts from these books. I'm also the admin for this group! Man, I love flickr.)

Do I dare start another project? I've been seeing these Civil War Diary and Civil War Love Letters blocks on blogs and on flickr and I just really like them. It's probably all the red.

OK, here's the list of what I'm working on already:
1. Dear Jane quilt-a-long
2. Sean's quilt (he's looking forward to having his own quilt and doesn't like it when I work on anything else!)
3. Hexagon quilt
4. Spring clothes - I'd like to make a couple of skirts and shirts. And more PJ bottoms.

OK, you tell me. Do I buy the book(s) and start? Or do I have too much on my plate as it is? Just remember I have a full-time job.

(You can click through to the individual CW blocks here: 1. Civil War Love Letters Quilt B10, 2. Civil War Love Letters Quilt B9, 3. Civil War Love Letters Quilt B8, 4. Civil War Love Letters Quilt A3, 5. Civil War Love Letters Quilt A4, 6. Civil War Love Letters Quilt A2)


Anina said...

As long as you don't fall behind on the Dear Jane quilt...
Just kidding. The more projects the merrier as long as you don't start like you're losing control. :-)

Anina said...

that is FEELING like you're losing control!

Jacquie said...

I'm with Anina, the more the merrier. Though when you choose a choose whoppers! Your enthusiasm and capacity inspire me. Is there a flickr group you don't administer? LOL I love flickr too!!!

Jackie said...

I am always for taking on more projects. But I agree with Jacquie, you are choosing whoppers. I do think in the end that you will be happy with what you choose if these projects really do inspire you! That is the most important thing, you must enjoy what you are doing.

Dana said...

Ambitious but doable. I say go for it.

bettyninja said...

Admire from afar that is what I say. Too many projects gets awfully overwhelming.

bettyninja said...

Not that you couldn't do it girly.!