Sunday, September 16, 2007

My second blog post – a bit of inspiration or just a big “duh?”

Flipped through the not-so-new book Sew Subversive the other day. The styles are a bit too funky for me but it did inspire me to take a look through my wardrobe for things I don’t wear anymore but just can’t get rid of. I have a few very-long skirts that were “in” a few years ago but now they just hang in the back of the closet. So yesterday I hemmed up one of them and … viola! … I have a new knee-length skirt to wear with my tall brown boots this fall. Should have taken a before pic but here is the result:

[hemmed skirt and collection of stuff to alter]

I also pulled out a blouse that is too full in the middle that I’ll either add darts or pin tucks to fit it better. And a simple t-shirt that I haven’t worn because I ordered it online and didn’t realize it was so long.

It’s just about time to swap my wardrobe around so I’ll be looking for more items to alter. I may end up with a new fall wardrobe for the cost of thread!

You can buy Sew Subversive here or at Amazon here.

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