Saturday, September 15, 2007

My first blog post

Quite a few months ago I discovered a fantastic magazine: Sew Stylish from the editors/publishers of Threads. And as soon as I discovered this inspiration jackpot I also found out it was defunct. Only 3 or 4 issues made it out of the factory before they pulled the plug! I was so disappointed but still totally reinvigorated to begin sewing again…and not just crafty stuff but real clothes, made just for me, in my style.

My mom taught me to sew when I was young (I’m now 35) and it is one of the things (besides all that terrific parenting) that I’m so grateful to her for as an adult. I haven’t been a regular sewer. I mostly concentrated on curtains and this one quilt I’ve been working on for exactly 4.5 years (it isn’t even completely pieced together yet!) But I always appreciated that I COULD make my own curtains…I like simple stuff and for some reason that is the hardest thing to find in stores. Everything has ruffles. And curtains are so expensive! Also the trancelike state you find yourself in while sewing…concentrating on your stitches or pinning up a hem…it’s just so relaxing yet there’s the satisfaction of completing a task. How often do you get both in one?

So that’s my introduction to my blog. I hope to post regularly about my projects, great info I find online, and things that inspire me.

(Sew Stylish is still publishing a blog that has lots of nifty tricks and quick projects: BeSewStylish. And Threads has a web site along with their printed magazine so check them out at

Red Sox note: Yes! They beat the Yankees this afternoon, 10-1.

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