Sunday, June 21, 2009


That is what the weather has been like here for what feels like weeks. Maybe it has been that long. It's been raining or about to rain constantly. The house smells funny from all the humidity. It's been too wet to leave the house much (I really don't like going out in the rain). You would think that I would have gotten more sewing done but, see, I started reading those Twilight books and...well...that along with taking care of the baby meant no extra time for other things.

I have completed two projects and both of them are on my To Do list! I'm very excited to cross stuff off already.

The photos are poor from the lack of sun to help my tired camera along. And I also embarrassingly didn't realize that I had left the manual focus turned on. So I've been taking pictures thinking that the camera was focusing on it's own and then swearing at my camera when I saw the blurry images full-size on my computer screen. My camera thinks I'm crazy.

I made the baby boy some modified "Kimono Style PJ Pants" from Amy Butler's Little Stitches book. Rather than adding the extra wide trim at the bottom, I just used some homemade bias tape. I was looking to make shorts but these are more short pants. Next go-around I will make them a bit shorter but in a bigger size. He's is going to grow out of these very quickly.

And the second project is a play mat, also for the baby. This is the only photo that was in focus (!) so I will try to take them again once the sun makes another appearance.

I used this tutorial on the "katie did journal" blog. Have you seen this blog? Katie makes some beautiful clothes for her two little girls...gorgeous stuff. She has a little boy now as well so I will be looking out for ideas on sewing for boys. (Why is it so much harder? Are dresses really all that much more exciting then pants?)

The play mat is just two solids -- blue and dark tan -- plus batting quilted together in a free form zig-zag pattern. I added some patchwork to the binding just cuz. The mat is about 30x35 inches. And I call it a mat because that is what it's job will be but it could also make a very nice baby blanket. Thanks Katie for the nifty idea!


Jackie said...

I feel your pain about the rain! Living here in CT you would think that we would have had some kind of spring weather. But you got it right it is DANK. I love the little pants you made, just adorable. From what I can see of you mat, it looks great. Hopefully, you and your camera will be in sync and we will get to see the whole thing soon.

jacquie said...

dank is a really good's soaked here too. the next few days are supposed to be crazy 99 and all the humidity that the weather god can muster. i think i'll stay inside and sew. love the little pants. cute toes too!

katie said...

jen- the mat looks great. i love patchwork binding. and baby feet.

i'll get to work on coming up with some decent stuff for boys, although so far all i have are pants.. i'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the world of boy clothing.

good luck dealing with the wet weather.. i'm just so glad the humidity isn't coupled with hideous heat (yet)..

Nancy said...

what great little pants! i have a girl but have yet to make her a dress-- she's so busy that dresses get in the way. i'm always trying to girlify boy pant designs(I'm all for gender neutral but since she's got baby hair and i dress her in neutral colors everyone always thinks she's a boy). anyhow, i love your baby boy crafting-- frankly, making anything when you have a baby is a big achievement!

hope things get more summery there soon! we'll be in CT in August and are hoping for some good East Coast summer weather :)