Friday, April 4, 2008

Clothes Sewing Projects

I am in a wedding a year from now and will have a few events to attend where I will need dresses. I fell in love with this pattern (Simplicity 3867, view A) when it was featured on the cover of a Sew Stylish issue. I attempted the blouse version but gave up after realizing that the fabric I had was a bit heavy for all that gathering and I sewed the "skirt" portion on inside-out. It's still hanging like that in a closet.

I recently saw a beautiful dark blue eyelet version on flickr and am totally inspired to try it again. I have all the pattern pieces traced out already (I like to do that so, if I end up liking a pattern, the pattern lasts longer since it's on heavier paper. I'm also not afraid to alter the pattern this way since I know I can always start over again with the intact original. More work but worth it.) All I need is some fabric.

I bought this pattern last weekend (Simplicity 3835) and some pretty purple fabric for a new shirt. I found time to trace out the pattern but didn't get to cutting or sewing yet. I stalled once I realized I had forgotten to buy the elastic! Maybe this weekend I'll get to it.

The Red Sox are playing a game at a normal time tonight! After the trip to Japan and then the west coast -- where the games were 6AM, 10PM or in the middle of the day -- I can finally go home and watch a game at 7:05 ET. I'll be sitting on the couch hand sewing my hexagons while it's on.


Sew Bee It said...

I'm a Northern Californian so I root first for the Giants and the 49ers (I don't know why... it's not like it does me any good:), but my hubby is from Mass so I have adopted the Sox and the Patriots as my "other" teams:) This way at least one of the sets seems to have a little luck winning!

Jacquie said...

Can't wait to see how the garment sewing comes out. I haven't sewn clothes forever. Never could put in a zipper correctly or lots of other things. Glad you're giving it another shot. Have a great weekend!

Jackie said...

Looks like you will have a nice sewing break from quilting. The patterns look great and I do love the dark blue eyelet version as well. As for the Red Sox, the last 2 games against Toronto are leaving me crying. However, I do feel slightly better that the Yankees have lost both their games and are in last place. We will definitely settle in for another game this afternoon.

Valerie said...

I really enjoyed my visit here at your blog. I loved seeing your sewing room. I hope you get all your sewing projects done.