Friday, March 7, 2008

Quilt Giveaway!

Not from me but from Dana at Old Red Barn Co. blog.

She is giving away a beautiful quilt for her 200th post...she's not there just yet but almost. So go visit her blog, sign up for the contest (once it's rolling), and -- if you are really my internet friend -- you'll mention that you came from 'Sew and Sox'. I'll then get EXTRA ENTRIES into the give away. (Just ignore that this works against you winning the quilt for yourself.)

Edited to add:
Turns out I misread the rules. The mentioning thing only works if you don't have a blog to post the contest on.

Now, go win a quilt!


Jackie said...

Jen, Thanks for the tip on the giveaway. I did just what you did, an entry on my blog and a comment on Dana's letting her know that you sent me. Thanks again!!

Dana said...

No -- YOU already get the extra entries just by posting it on your blog!!! The whole mentioning who sent you thing is for people without a blog. :) So, you've got your extra entries as it is.
Thanks so much!!

I'm off to bookmark you right now!

Dana said...

Sorry for the confusion Jen! You have 10 extra entries though since you posted about it AND put it in your sidebar!!! Look for the contest to begin next week sometime when my 200th post begins.
Thanks again!

bettyninja said...

I entered too! I really like her blog