Monday, March 31, 2008


Izzy in the old sewing room.

Ug, what a weekend. I moved my sewing room (pictures to come) and caught a cold.

So rather than the typical "what I did this weekend" Monday wrap-up post, here's a little list of what's going on outside of my cold-infested and disorganized blog world:

1. The Humming Cat is having a pincushion giveaway. Cute pincushion too, so go take a look and comment on her post by this Friday.

2. I've been enjoying visiting, voting on and submitting to Craft Juice this week. Most people submit their own work and mostly items from Etsy (so they are trying to sell it as well). And while those projects can be inspiring, I've been trying to balance it out a bit by submitting works from other people's blogs that I find inspiring or that have a tutorial. If the site is supposed to work like Digg, it should be about what's current and wonderful in the craft blog world right?

3. Rather than doing my very long Bloglines list, I thought I'd start just featuring one or two blogs on random posts. Getting swamped with a big list probably isn't going to inspire you to visit them, eh? And yet some of these craft blogs are really amazing.

So, for my first installment, may I present Little Bits 'n Pieces written by Tamara. She's currently blogging on raising her cute little kids, preparing to sell her house, and some really beautiful embroidery-enhanced patchwork. Go take a look.


Felicia said...

Sweet kitty :)

Sweet P said...

I can't wait to see your new sewing room.

Go Sox! They're back tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the little blog advertisement!! I've been really behind with my blog reading lately, but I'm definitely going to add you to the list!! :)

duckyhouse said...

I just wanted to let your archive readers know that I switched my blog from littlebitnspieces to