Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dear Jane E-10, M-10, M-12

This weekend I decided to get a little ahead of the Dear Jane quilt group and do some of the easy blocks. This way, if I do end up falling behind the group a bit, I can rest assured I'm not too far behind. A way to keep me from stressing over something that should be fun and relaxing.

And I had fun doing these new ones... See how my plaids almost line up in the Five & Dime block?

And see the fussy cutting (framing pieces of the fabric pattern within the block) for the Simple Simon block?

And the addition of blue to this, so far, all red work for the Hopscotch block?

No one I know in the flesh would get excited about these blocks. I trust that in you, dear internet, I can find a few who will appreciate them. ;-) I love this place.


Anina said...

You're a block making demon!

Stacy A. said...

Jen, your new blocks are amazing. The framing of the birds and flowers makes it very special.
You guys weren't the only ones to watch the game. I was awakened super early to the sounds of screaming and cheers, I thought something crazy was going on outside, but no! 1st game of the year. Go Sox. Very nice work on your bocks.
Love Stacy

Jacquie said...

The Simple Simon block is wonderful. I love how you cut the pieces. I didn't know matching plaids was part of quilting. Yikes, I remember that from sewing classes in 4-H. That block must have been a challenge. Looks like you are enjoying this!

RobinE said...

That little touch of blue is very nice! And I really love how you framed the bird in the center of the Simple Simon block. Such beautiful work! :)

monica said...

oh yes we do appreciate!!

great colours.

Elizabeth said...

I love fussy cutting! The bird in the middle of the Simple Simon block is great.

ELIN - "The quilt maiden" said...

Very nice blocks, both DJ and CWD!

ivyarts said...

Looking great! I love the fussy cuts, especially the peeking bird.


Delightful fabrics, cutting and sewing!
Especially the Simple Simon makes me want to start a new block for my Dear Jane right away... so inspiring!