Friday, February 29, 2008

Baseball is back!

It is about 20 degrees out today in New England but there will be LIVE baseball on my TV tonight. The Red Sox are playing the Twins in their first spring-training game at 7:00 PM.

Their first two college exhibition games seemed to go well: 24-0 against Boston College and 15-0 against North Eastern University.

In more good news, my Dear Jane book came yesterday. About 20 days ahead of schedule. I only flipped through it and those blocks are 1. small! and 2. complicated! This is going to be a challenge.


Jacquie said...

Baseball...a sign of spring. Finally! Have a great weekend!

Jackie said...

Yeah!! I was so excited too. Unfortunately, I was away and just got home late Sat. But I saw a little on TV. I wasn't sure if it was the final score or not, but I believe the Red Sox won (4-2). Is that right?

Sweet P said...

Yup, baseball is back. Five games and four wins. I'll take it. Everyone's looking pretty good so far.