Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sewing Machine Cover

Thanks everyone for your nice comments on my last post. I feel better about the quilt layout now.

Sorry about the photos in this post. The dark blue fabric just wasn't very photogenic.

Home made fabric sewing machine cover
I have wanted to make a sewing machine cover for a while. I don't like the hard plastic one that snaps onto the machine. It's very old and the handle is falling apart so I prefer to keep it in a closet.

Fabric for home made fabric sewing machine cover
I used left over fabric from other projects. The dark blue, light-weight canvas is from some valances I made for my old apartment (they were very modern/nautical looking with simple white sheers underneath). And the blue floral print is left over from cafe curtains I have in my office (very girly-girly).

In our current house I have both an office in a sun room and a sewing area in a spare bedroom. When we move, these spaces will be consolidated. I'm looking forward to that...having everything together. So I went with the blue fabrics since I knew that the sewing machine was going to be living in the same room as the cafe curtains at some point.

I just might be posting a tutorial on how I put this baby together. Stay tuned.

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